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That awkward bi moment


when you tell your friend that your ex-boyfriend is bi, and she says “he definitely cheated on you” and you think “I wouldn’t cheat on you”.

(submitted by Anon)


Sometimes I wonder if I ever crossed your mind while you were cheating in me. Did you ever once feel guilty about what you were doing? Because you claim to know how much it hurts to be broken like that.


One day you’ll meet someone and they will make you smile so much your face hurts. They will say sweet things and gain your trust. You’ll fall for this person only to realize the entire time they wore a mask. This person is a stranger and everything about them is a lie. You won’t even see it coming. Your heart will shatter into a billion pieces. You’ll feel so betrayed and alone. But you have to grab all those pieces and never look back.

The thought of you is killing me.
The thought of you with them,
Forgetting I existed,
Beginning to erase me.

Quatrain #18

By Ryan Havers

(via ryanhavers)